Who…. Me?

Well would you look at that!
Are you sure there’s not some kind of mistake?
Ah, you must be wrong!
Oh. I know what it is…. it’s a prank! It is… Isn’t it?

This dodgyist of dodgy domains was nominated for best personal blog in the Irish blog awards. Then, to my astonishment, it gets worse! It was short listed.

It’s down to 25 people. But wow. their 24 fantastic people. Look at the other blogs that are there.
Two that really stick out are:

  • Grannymar. I’ve been reading her blog almost every day for the past three years now.
  • Head rambles. Again, this is another blog I’ve been reading for years. I actually don’t remember when I started reading this. It was long before I ever started getting interested in this Irish blogger stuff. I’ve enjoyed his rants, complaining and interesting stories for ages now.

Yuck! My dog just farted. On that note…… Time to go.

2 Responses to Who…. Me?

  1. Congrats again. Hope you win, but your right, so many of them are great.

  2. What is all this false modesty for? You are well up there with the best [or in my case – the worst]. I have been following every footstep with yourself and Ike, and I don’t know about Ike, but I certainly learned a lot. So less of the false modesty, and prepare that speech.

    PS. I meant to reply a couple of days ago, but old age got in the way.

    PPS. It had better be coincidence that you talk about me and your dog farting in virtually the same sentence?