I’m looking for a knowledgebase.

I wonder. Is this too much to ask?

I’m looking for a free knowledgebase. It doesn’t have to have loads of bells and whistles but it needs to be able to do the following.

  • Allow attachments in word format.
  • Have a permissions based approach to providing access. Something as simple as a groups and users model would be fine.
  • It needs to have the option of classifying documents in terms of public and private and / or released, reviewed or in progress.
  • A reasonably good search facility is also necessary. At minimum it should be possible to organise documents by category. For example: active directory, mail, proxy etc.

Nice features to have would be:

  • Authentication via active directory.
  • Secondary authentication byIP.
  • Usage reporting.
  • Automated notification to reviewers when documents are waiting to be reviewed.

I don’t think that’s asking all that much.

At the moment all the documentation is sitting on a file share. It’s organized using folders but all the documents have fully utilized properties therefore in a perfect world it should at least be possible to sort and view them by author, subject etc. I’m surprised that with the libraries in Windows 7 this isn’t already possible. To start with this kind of solution would even be nice compared to what we have at the moment.

Any suggestions?