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  1. torie
    2 February 2011

    I’m so glad that things are improving. I think doing the route so many times will give Ike the focus to know that you are confident in where you are going, which will make him confident. I sometimes would just do a route as a confidence booster, but this has the unfortunate thing of not having a purpose to Ushi, which makes her get bored, and stop along our route. When our routes have a purpose though, she is grand.

    Take care, and don’t be too hard on yourself if tomorrow doesn’t go to plan. Just try and keep it as relaxed as possible. Let us know how it goes. Xxx.


  2. Jenny
    2 February 2011

    Good luck tomorrow. Not that you’ll need it. Sounds like you are both doing great. Nice how the people reacted the way they did to a new dog.


  3. shaun everiss
    3 February 2011

    I usually don’t comment on this.
    having a dog is a load of work.

    I can attest to that issue myself.
    I was flatting near on 5 years back.
    It was a blindness indipendance course.
    Anyway it was required I cross the street.
    2 of the 3 beepers I had to run with had an issue.
    They were to soft.
    With the wind pushing me and all the noise from the traffic I almost all the time ended up in the middle of the road except for the second beeper which was at a different pitch and was audable.
    The people at that course had issues.
    Firstly I knew I had a sound overload issue.
    If you place a large truck on the path or close to it or a noisy vacuum such as I need to get round that to continue even if I don’t have to go that far to close to it, I will try but eventually won’t be able to hear anything else, I will just turn back at that case.
    Thats ok unless its right in the way.
    Ofcause if its across the street from me I can barely manage it.
    On that note how have you and ike handled sound overload.
    I have never had a dog before I am to lazy that doesn’t mean I will not have one but I don’t go out enough right now.
    I know dogs have better hearing than us humans so sound overload could be another issue.
    All you need to get me to get in to that situation is put me in a cafe or other eating place.
    Fill it to the rafters.
    Have no carpet and have bright fluro lights.
    I can’t stand bright lights.
    Anyway my eyes close and I will just switch off the noise gets to much.

    Back to the course I was supprised that they didn’t recognise my condition.
    They thought I was getting deaf.
    I got tested, I payed for that.
    Well I am fine.
    No issue bar they didn’t know what to do about my overload issue.
    Next year I was doing some new roots with another instructer who know about the issue and was able to manage it.
    I may not comment on the blog but I do read it every day.


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