T minus two weeks.

So, I’m exactly two weeks away from traveling to Cork for training with my next guide dog Ike if all goes to plan and the weather doesn’t completely mess everything up.

Emma noticed on Sunday night that a new picture had been added by Irish Guidedogs to their facebook page of Ike showing him with a santy hat in his mouth. The caption underneith it reads: Ike disappointed that he missed Santa.

I contacted the trainer last week to see how everything was going and it seems like things are progressing reasonably well. There still a lot of work to do but hopefully by the end of the training it will all be sorted.

For obvious reasons known to people who have gone through this process I cant say all that much just yet. During the training however I will provide regular accounts of how things go. It will be as much for me to look back on as it is for visitors to read about.

Ike disappointed that he missed out on seeing Santa.  Maybe next year.

One Response to T minus two weeks.

  1. Hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Not long to go now. What kind of dog is he?