I strongly encourage everyone to get the word out.
Let me say first of all that I am not a so called “Apple Fanboy”.
I do however believe that Apple have done more in the past three years for accessibility than any other company as in a short time they have change the landscape of mobile, desktop and now TV accessibility for the better.

Recently we have found that devices such as the iPod nano, iPod Touch, iPhone and the Mac OSX operating system are as accessible as any other out there if not even more so in some situations. I’m now delighted to say that the Apple TV joins the lineup of accessible products made by Apple.

Until today a visually impaired person had to use the apple remote software on an iPhone or ipod touch to access and play content independently on the Apple TV. With the release of IOS 4.1 for this it is no longer the case. The remote was efficient and perfectly adiquit but Voiceover support makes this the only real compelling solution for someone looking for this level of multimedia integration.

I have recorded a review of the Apple TV with access through the Apple remote to demonstrate the flexability of that option. With the release of Voiceover support it was great to release a second guide. This walks users through updating the Apple TV, enabling voice over and navigating around music, videos, podcasts and playlists.

All of the recordings relating to accessible media players are available on Listen and Learn Recordings.