I’m probably very lucky actually.

See the thing is, you know when you want something but you actually know you’ll never be able to have it? It’s nothing about negativity or pessimism, it’s simple fact, there are simply unalterable facts that prohibit certain things from happening. As illogical as it may be though, we all still want them. WE all still have that tiny glimmer of hope. So, when it doesn’t happen, and we continue to know that it never could have in the first place, why the hell is it that we still feel so damn bad then?

It makes no sense to me. Why don’t we learn?

But then again, considering it from a philosophical perspective, those who strive to atain the impossible, those who strive to atain that which most of us hope in vain for are those who make the biggest mark. So, maybe we’re not meant to learn? Maybe we’re meant to follow that example?

It doesn’t make it any easier though.

Stupid over analysing and illogical brain. It has better things to be thinking about than that crap.