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  1. Katherine Moss
    14 March 2013

    There are syntax errors in this script; I’m using JAWS version 14. I get the following: “syntax error in if condition”.


  2. Donnacha
    4 October 2013

    Hi Katherine,

    This is probably a little late for you, but the last if condition is missing a semi-colen (;) placeing this after the first line of the statement solves the problem.


  3. hadi
    12 January 2014

    I tried to compile this with jaws 14, I get error
    compile error: the word include should be followed by a quoted file name.

    well, it seems it is? I mean after include there is a quote and a file…


  4. Jon
    6 August 2014

    Thank you for the wonderful script.


  5. Peter Q
    18 November 2015

    I’m having trouble with JAWS tracking the putty cursor.
    I’ve set the cursor blink on and cursor style to both block and underscore; yet JAWS isn’t tracking the cursor .
    Ideas to try are welcome! — thanks!


  6. Peter Q
    18 November 2015

    (sorry for repost – please reply to this one so I can track your comment)

    I’m having trouble with having JAWS track the putty cursor.
    I’ve tried setting the cursor blink on and shape to both block and underscore. Yet JAWS does not track the putty cursor.
    Suggestions welcome and thanks in advance.
    Note that I have successfully installed the supplied script, which does cause JAWS to output new text to the screen. A welcome improvement an functionally to setting SAY ALL. Thanks for the convenience – appreciated!


  7. Gerdave
    17 August 2016

    Hello, tested on Win7 64 bit with JAWS 16. The script works perfect if there is no need to scroll the content of the console. However, when scrolling, JAWS bstarts to read the whole visible content from the beginning. Any thoughts?
    Thank you


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