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  1. crashmaster
    27 May 2010

    well its not like I don’t put much on that but the pole was limited in the fact there was no extra comments fields.
    I’d have liked to comment on what should go on there.
    and what I thought about it.
    Firstly its a good resource and I have mentioned it to people outside of the net, I always like to listen to things though don’t check back as much as I should.
    I don’t listen to blindcooltech much either I periodically grab things.
    I see your point though.
    anyway or chance of keeping the current lal files posted somewhere though these are good and your tutorials are good.
    You probably need more user generated content and audio rather than relying on just yourself.
    I’d personally use your system over blindcooltech unless it was spaciffic.
    while its true I have a private cast I share the owner is quite a bussy guy and thus doesn’t cast as often as he could.
    bct are slow in putting things up often its already somewhere before they decide.
    A faster service that Icould post to as well as the others would really rock.
    And ofcause you forget people have lives.
    even I am contemplating my life as it stands.
    I am in one of those empty moods and I am deciding where I should go.
    Every day I play piano, excercise some read ocationally and play on the computer with little to no new excitement.
    as you can imagine I’d like to get to the point where I am bussy, not so much that I am off my feet and feeling overworked but enough so I don’t sit at the box wandering what the other normal jo is doing outside my little box which I exist in.
    wandering about what I could be doing, etc.
    so as you can imagine for those that have lives and I mean actual lives maybe podcasts are not on their top list.
    they are on mine a bit if its good but really I am starting to wander after the last 16 years if life is worth living.
    Ok not if I will kill myself but if right now I am leading a worthwhile life.
    I have come to the conclusion that I may as well kill myself because I am not living what I would have called when I was 20 years old I am now 28 a worthwhile life.
    And this means I need to make it worth while.
    this computer is good because it whiles away my day but seriously its a real dead end.
    if anything I’d like to make it something some day as I do my music and other things.
    but right now I really need to restructure.
    I can imagine me doing this for another 40 years at least till both my parents die.
    After that it scares me where I will be going.
    Point being in this case that
    For those that have lives and I mean real lives that don’t envolve long periods of being a waste on society that podcasts probably are not that important as they stand.
    have you tried to list on itunes as a matter of course?
    have you tried to list on klango to?
    that may get you a few more people.
    I have mentioned your stuff to sighted people to outside the system.
    so all I can say is its usefull keep it up and don’t give in.


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