Mad For Trad is changing.

Mad For Trad has been hosted on this website for the past six months. In that time, Every Saturday, from 7 to 8 GMT +1, you’ve heard crazy music, Crazy stories and crazy broadcasting from well, me.

This crazyness is going to continue.

But in a different home, a different time, a different station, a different duration, a different everything.

Well, a different everything except the show is still called Mad For Trad, I’ll still play the very best Irish traditional music known to man, dog or beast and it will still have the usual mixture of strangeness thrown in for good measure too.

So. for the details:

Station Mushroom FM. the home of the fun guys.
Day: Tuesdays.
Time: 7 to 9PM GMT +1, 2 to 4PM Eastern and 11AM to 1PM Pacific.
Show address:

Come on.
Now you have no reason not to listen. It’s a perfect day and time for you.

See you next Tuesday.

BTW, this hasn’t been released anywhere else. Keep it to your self ok?
Can I trust you? Good. Now, keep it that way.

Or I’ll send the lads around.

One Response to Mad For Trad is changing.

  1. Great. I’ll be able to listen more often now.