Installing Team Talk in Linux.

Installing TeamTalk in linux is really simple.

download the archive and uncompress it with:
tar xzvf teamtalk*.tar.gz

Notice, I’m using * there. please use that too. That way, this will apply to almost any version that is released.

Now, change to the TeamTalk directory.
cd teamtalk*

Right. There are a few files here. Readme.html, teamtalkd and an XML file.

The only file you will need to be concerned about is teamtalkd.

Type the following command to check for dependencies.
ldd teamtalkd

Right, you’ll see errors if that fails.

Assuming it hasn’t and everything is ok, run the wizard to get up and running.
./teamtalkd -wizard

Answer all the questions here. It give syou a few default answers if that helps. but usually these questions just want a y for yes or n for no.

Now, when your done, run TeamTalk as a daemon.
./teamtalkd -d

That’s all there is too it. YOu may need to open port 10333 to allow access to this service on your server but other than that, the process is really straight forward. Set up chanels / rooms / what ever their called by logging in as an administrator. To create an administrator account, use the wizzard. It will ask you if you want the account to be an administrator or a normal user.

I installed TeamTalk for LAL Recordings so that users can talk to each other if the need arises.