Most feed or RSS readers allow you to provide a username and password to see restricted content.
Now that I have made some of my personal posts accessible to registered users only, you might want to avail of this functionality in your RSS reader.

The instructions below relate to Internet explorer 7 and 8 but other feed readers should have similar options.
I use the keyboard for these instructions but you can use the mouse if you prefer.

  1. In internet explorer, press control and j to bring up the feed list.
  2. Arrow down to the feed for
  3. Bring up the context menu by pressing the application key. This is usually three buttons to the right of the space bar. If using a laptop and you do not know where the applications key is, press shift and F10 to bring up this menu.
  4. Press the up arrow once to jump to the bottom of the menu. You are now on the properties item.
  5. Press enter to activate this.
  6. Now, tab until you reach the first settings button

  7. Type the user name and password that you use to log into the password in the boxes provided in the resulting dialogue box.

That’s all there is too it, You will now have access to the content that is marked private.

I am providing notifications of private posts on the blog at the moment so that readers who do not have accounts know to register. However, I will not ocntinue this indefinitly.