iTunes-helper cant be stopped during Quick time installation in Windows 7.

This is not for the technical people out there as the solution to this will be very straight forward. However, just because I had nothing better to paost about today and it’s been a while snce I wrote to the blog, I thought it might be an idea to write a simple solution to this problem in case others come up against it.

Description of issue.

The problem is caused when the update to quick time is installing. It finds that the iTunes-helper process needs to be closed in order for the installation process to continue. YOu go ahead with the default option to close the service automatically and resume it at the completion of the installation. However, a message is displayed informing ou that the service could not be closed.


  1. Open the task manager by holding control, shift and then tap escape on your keyboard.
  2. Move to the processes page by pressing control and tab on the keyboard, or if using the mouse, click it.
  3. scrole down until you find iTunes-helper. Click the end process button or press alt and e.
  4. Confirm that you want to end this by clicking End Process in the confirmation dialogue box. If using the keyboard, tab twice then press enter.

Now, simply click the retry button in the quick time installation window and the process will continue without problems.