finally has a podcast.

I’m sorry.
I don’t know why I didn’t do this before now.
It’s done now though.

You can now bring the audio from with you on the road. So. if you’ve missed mad for trad, or you want to listen to new recordings added to the Music room, point your podcatcher to

You can also now see all of the audio on the site by visiting The podcast page.

There are now links to this page dotted around the site. If you go into the Mad For Trad page, you’ll obviously see it in the main content but it’s also now a link that appears under mad for trad in the navigation menu on the left. Similarly, if you go to the music room, a link will appear under that menu item to point you to the podcast also.

What can I say. I’m all about Accessibility here. No matter what your doing, there should be at least two different ways of doing it. Some people see it as complicated. I see it as offering choice. The website will continue to be easy to use though.

There are a few other changes on the way. Hopefully you’ll see them shortly.