I should also mention that I probably got this guess absolutely and completely wrong. In fairness, I never actually saw / felt the easter eg so I’ve no idea how big it actually is!

This is a picture of the same street but looking in the other direction.  I think Emma was looking at the buildings here more so than anything else.

This is a plaque on the side of a building. It gives some of the history of Claddagh as it origionated in Galway.

Wow this is hard to explain. Basically it's a huge bike. Everyone sits in a circle facing each other.  There are about five people on it I think. They all peddle but only one person stears.

These students from Dublin were raising money for cancer research. They were all over Galway on Saturday. I hear they raised seven hundred thousand euro. Well done to them all! I heard that this bike is very uncomfortable. I’d still love to give it a go though.

Shows a picture of a bridge over the river Corrib.

Just as quickly as you get into the hustle and bustle of the middle of Galway City, your left at the river at a really nice open space where it’s easy to forget how close you are to everything.

Freddie worked very well through Galway this weekend. I'm shown with him in front of me sitting down.

Of course, the dog needs some time off as well. He remembered a lot of places in Galway. He always surprises me when even after coming back to a place after a whole year he can recall places that he thinks I might be looking for. I was surprised that I could remember my way around as well. I love Galway though and I especially wlike what they’ve done with Air square. I’ll be back down there again in the next month for more music I think.

Just like a child, Freddie always waits for the worst time to stick out his tung when taking a picture.  Here, you can see him licking his nose.  Charming freddie, very charming...

This is a picture of the view from the banks of the river just at the top of Shop street.

Of course, saving the best until last, this is a picture of Emma and I.

Thanks again to EmmaFor taking these pictures and letting me use them on this site.