The weekend is almost apon us!

It’s Friday, just after 2pm, I’ve one conference call left to go, a few audits to finish up and two or three account log ins to test before I send off a few emails shouting at other departments.  

An email has been sent around the site a few moments ago to say that all webmail sites will be blocked after the 27th of September.  Isn’t that offal?  No one can waste precious company money and time on Google mail, hotmail, yahoo or any other site like that.  Now, I’ve heard cry and shout about this new change.  "How could I-T disable those kind of sites?" "That’s ridiculous why are they doing that?"  Well, the answer to both statements are: They wouldn’t do it if you didn’t spend more time on personal mail and chat than you do on work related things.

Personally, I’m delighted.  I don’t know how many people I know here are messing on personal sites for half their working day.  It’s about time something is done about them.  

On my side though, I don’t care!  I have my own site with my own mail set up on it so they can disable what they want!  Their never going to be able to stop me! Hahahahahahahaha.  Sorry.  But come on,  you use shitty little web mail sites that every teen in the world is using and you deserve to be stood on.  Google mail? Crap. Yahoo, really crap.  Hotmail.  It’s so crap it’s a joke!  Ok, I’ll give one exception.  I like Google mails spam filtering.  It’s really effective.  My set up consists of my own domain: The email from this domain gets passed through Google but then it’s pulled back to my own server at home so it’s filtered according to mailing lists, private mail,  work mail etc.   I also have over four accounts so all four accounts are then accessible from the one account on my home server.  The best thing is that this server is on a dynamic ip address and I have a script set up to email that ip address over to me when it changes so they’ll never be able to block me!  

So, all you losers in Stream using Google, yahoo and hotmail, ha ha ha!

I’m off to check my mail!