ah great, now my coffee’s gone cold.

Ah that’s just tipicle.  I make a lovely strong cup of coffee, get to drink half of it but then get called away so it goes cold and yuck. It’s really not a good start to a wednesday morning.  On the up side though, I’ve had a really great discussion with some of the novell people this morning.  Their very friendly and I can see my change over to there going very smoothly.

Hay, on the technology front things are going quite well actually.  I’m installing a server for use at home.  I’m setting up an Imap mail box for handling all my mail from the numerous accounts I have, FTP, HTTP and HTTPS servers to handle server and website administration and a few other things that I want to play with as well.  I’m actually looking at an idea that will let me stream audio from different sources and let me access it over the internet no matter where I am and what firewall I’m behind.  

The installation of my server is going quite well.  I’ve got everything installed and that’s usually the hardest thing to do,  getting everything talking to each others also gone ok.  I have a site up and running that allows me to write basic changes to the config files now and it will hopefully make it easier and faster to get up and running.

God, I started writing this early this morning but it’s now nearly five.  I got slightly distracted with work and……. other things so I completely forgot about this window open at the moment.  Do you ever get like that?  So many windows open that you just forget about everything apart from the thre eor four windows you are working between?  IE 7 is great.  it has tabbed browsing now and I do use that to a good extent but I like to use alt tab more because I can make sure I’m actually going to land on the page I want to land on.  With tabbed browsing, I have to cycle between each one!  When you have sixteen or seventeen pages open at any one time this can be a bit cumbersum.  Today I have all that open pluss three putty windows, a terminal server, Lotus notes, Microsoft Access, Excel and Word and on the other computer sitting beside me all 6 consoles are being used for different projects.   The answer to your question is, no, of course I don’t need to have so many windows open for work or for anything else for that matter it’s just that I’m moving between two teams at the moment so I have almost double the usual work lode.  Pluss, people keep nabbing me for different things so I have a lot of unfinished work to get done.  So, keeping windows opened so I remember what I have to finish is just the best way of keeping track of things right now.  I wish I was using linux for all this stuff.  in linux, I have different desktop spaces, consoles and work spaces so everything is separated in a very clean way so I don’t have to alt tab dozens of times to find what I’m looking for.  

Ok. Rant over.  

As I was saying earlier, the configuration of my server is going well.  I’ve been messing with installing perl modules for a while and I’m really starting to notice how broad it’s support is.  It’s amazing that it does so much.

Ok.  That’s me for now.  I want to try a few other things before I go home.