I’m back and I’m babababbaababad

It’s been about eight months since I’ve blogged and oh how I’ve missed it!  Millions of things are happening. I’m moving into a new job, I’m seriously looking at buying a house, I’m going to brutally mutilate my boss, Winter is starting to hit us, Freddie won’t stop eating grass and muck because he’s a stubbern fucker, Emma’s starting a course in the grafton accadimy in fassion design, I’m swimming a good bit, I’m in the process of setting up a server at home, I’m playing a lot more music than I was for a long time and things are generally very busy but very good.  

It’s strange.  I set up this blog in September 2005.  Almost two years ago.  In January 2006, I moved it to my own website at www.digitaldarragh.com In September I was working as a Support engineer in the Novell team.  In January, I moved to the Sybase 365 team as a technical lead.  Now, in September 2007, I’m moving back over to the Novell team as their technical lead.  It’s funny how things coinside.  I am not using my own website to host my blog at the moment because I cant seem to find the time or patients to write my own blogging software using asp.net.  I have much more of a handle on it now than I ever had it’s just getting the time to sit down and really consintrate on it.  It is one of my main aims though as far as my technical aspirations go.  

Because I’ve been out of the Linux world for so long though, and I’m about to walk into a team where I am suppose to be the expert, I have to focus all my energy on learning as much as I can about the systems that the engineers in the team are supporting.  So, I’m basically pushing anything that’s technical but not related to Linux to one side until I am comfortably settled in to the new role.  It’s a pity though because I’ve a nice new beast of a machine running windows vista that I’d like to play with a bit more but I’m not letting my self.  

On the music front, I’m playing with a musician by the name of Maurice Lennon, the fiddler from Stocktons Wing.  He’s a fantastic musician and it’s really great to pick a few things up from him.  I’m playing in a few other places as well, Fairhouse, Dundalk, Carlow and where ever else I can get to.  It’s thanks to Emma really,  she’s pushing me to make the effert to do these things.  It’s paying off too!  Last Friday night I played in Dundalk.  I used ornimintation that I’ve never been able to get before!  I harmonized without thinking about it for an entire part of a tune!  That’s a real accomplishment for me.  I’m usually very driven by the main melody but I love listening to musicians who can really play around with how a tune should sound.  

There are a lot of other things happening but I’ll leave you with that taster and I’ll blog again soon.  

Thanks for coming back!  Don’t worry, I’m not dead yet.  Your not getting rid of me that easily!