Someone on Twitter recently asked me how Emma is doing and how the pregnancy was getting on. So I thought I should write a brief update.

We’re 29 weeks in now and all is looking good. We don’t know the sex of the baby yet and nor do we want to. Some things are better left as a surprise I think.

We’ve had a few scans at this stage as you might expect. A few done by the hospital and a few less sophisticated ones where the heart beat can be heard by Emma’s GP. I have to say one thing. People kept telling me that it would become more real to me when I heard the heartbeat. I have to say that I didn’t get any sudden bolt of realization and no penny suddenly dropped for me. I think I realized the gravity of the whole thing very early on so hearing the heart beat just reaffirmed that. I have no doubt that my feelings on the entire thing will change when the baby is born of course.

I was a little struck at the lack of centralized access to Emma’s records when we had our early visits to the hospital and I had a bit of an argument with the first mid wife that we met. She was of the opinion that we don’t live in a perfect world so it was simply the reality of the situation that not all records were available to all areas of the hospital. I really wasn’t happy with this. Surely records or notes that are recorded in one department should be available to all other departments. That still seems strange to me. How can you care for someone properly when you don’t have all the facts? They learned very quickly that day that I will not be quietened by vague answers. Not that there was anything wrong of course but let’s face it, during a pregnancy you can’t take any chances. It’s really important that nurses and doctors make the right decisions if problems arise. How can they do that effectively with any kind of certainty if they don’t have all the facts available to them?

Anyway, putting my rant aside, we’ve been taking the advice of doctors by enjoying this pregnancy as they put it. We’re getting out during the weekends, socializing and making the most of time together. We know that for a while after the baby is born things will be a little hectic and if we’re lucky enough to go through future pregnancies then we won’t have the freedom that we’re enjoying now.

I asked Emma to write a guest blog post but unfortunately, she won’t do it.

Do you have any suggestions for names? We’re looking for Irish names and it’s not the easiest thing to do. Fortunately, we’re mostly in agreement of names that we do and don’t like.

11 weeks left!