I bought my first Mac on Friday. I couldn’t pass the opportunity. Now, I’m determined to use it as my primary non-work system. This means finding applications that I can use easily and efficiently for mail, Twitter, web browsing, RSS and of course, blogging. I could of course add posts using the browser but I like being able to write off line and posting later when I get the change. One thing I have to say at this stage though is I really love the keyboard on the mac platform. I’m using a Mac book air at the moment and I find it incredibly comfortable.

So, anyway, as I said in the title of this post, I’m writing this post using an application called Mars edit. This application costs just over 31 Euro and it seems to be worth it. I’m still getting use to it but already I’m writing a new post within seconds of opening it for the first time so it can’t be that difficult.

I’m going to keep this post short for the moment. Just a quick observation. When it automatically corrects a mistake, it makes a sound to let me know. Isn’t that cool?