supports jump lists in IE9.

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Jump lists in Windows 7 are lists of commonly used features for a particular application. For example, if you pin Microsoft Outlook to your task bar in Windows 7 you will see new message, new appointment, new task and new meeting in the jump list. For Microsoft word you’ll see a list of recently opened documents for example. To access a jump list simply right click the name of the application in the task bar.

With Internet explorer 9 jump lists are also supported in websites. Website developers can create jump lists that allow you to go directly to a specific page on the site from your task bar. For example, to jump directly to the blog you would right click on DigitalDarragh in your task bar and then click blog. Your browser would open on that page.

Pinning a website to your task bar is very simple.
when on within Internet explorer 9 simply drag the tab titled DigitalDarragh down to your task bar.

Now, when you right click the DigitalDarragh task bar item you will see the jump list associated with it. This allows you to jump straight to the computer room, music room, contact me page, blog or about me page.

If using the keyboard:

  1. Go to
  2. Press the windows key on your keyboard.
  3. Press escape to close the start menu then press the tab key.
  4. Use the right arrow button to go across to Internet explorer.
  5. Press the applications key to bring up it’s jump list.
  6. Use the down arrow to find digitalDarragh.
  7. Press the right arrow to open the context menu for this item.
  8. Arrow to pin to task bar and press enter.
  9. Close Internet explorer.
  10. Go back to the task bar by pressing windows key, then escape and tab to move across to it.
  11. Arrow around until you find DigitalDarragh.
  12. Use the applications key on your keyboard to open the jump list.

I know that’s a lot of steps for keyboard users but it’s not so bad because it gives you a nice shortcut to jump to the DigitalDarragh website. You can now press the windows key and the number associated with that pinned task bar option to jump directly to the website. Finding out the number associated with that pinned option is quite straight forward.

  1. Go to the task bar. Press the windows key then escape to exit the start menu. Press tab once to move to the task bar.
  2. Each task bar option is associated with a number. Internet explorer is usually number 1 as it’s first in the list. When you jump to the task bar the option that is currently selected is the first option in the list. When you press the right arrow you will be on the second item in the list therefore this will be associated with the number 2. Continue to press the right arrow while counting the number of task bar options you are moving across until you reach DigitalDarragh. On my PC it is the third in the list of task baritems therefore if I press Windows and 3 I will launch the website.

It gets better. Say for example Internet explorer is set to the first task bar item therefore is accessible by pressing Windows key and 1. You can Minimize and restore this by pressing this key combination. No matter what application you are in you can press windows key and 1 and Internet explorer will come back into focus. If it isn’t running it will start for you. If however you want a second Internet explorer window open you can press windows key, shift and the number 1.

These quick access keys for task bar items are particularly useful and their one of the main reasons that I love Windows 7.


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