Tomorrow, Ike and I will be heading up to Belfast to visit the Europa hotel for the annual Irish blog awards. Are you coming?

The post I wrote last year titled Thanks Freddie has been finalized in the best blog post category. At that alone I’m thrilled. I’d absolutely love it if that post won in that category but there are five other posts equally as good if not better. Take a look:

You’ll see me there. I’ll be the guy standing around with a big hairy golden retriever beside him. Come over and say hello please? It’s a funny thing about being Blind. You’ll see me a long time before I see you. It would be nice to put a few voices to all these names I’ve been reading about all year. People I have to meet again this year are: White rabbit… Not actually sure what her name is, Twenty major, Grandad from head rambles, Grannymar, Darren Byrne, The Chris D, Ellie, Marie and of course, Damien, the man who puts this entire thing together.