Without a guide dog to make mobility so much easier, i’m using the cain and the KSonar.

Problem is, it’s actually a little more complicated and a little harder.

So, while walking with someone, it’s getting too easy to just avail of their assistance.

That’s not like at all. No matter who I’m with, I rather walking independently. I.e, without sighted guide.

I’ve been slipping lately and this has to stop.

With the last day of June, I am saying good by to this month and to this onset of lazyness.

Next month I’m going to Bermingham. It will be the first time in a very long time I’ve done a particularly hard journey in terms of mobility and accessibility without the dog. During no stage of this trip will I even consider taking sighted assistance. I’ll follow someone, if I@m in an area that I don’t know but I will not grab their elbo.

For the non-blind readers of the sight, Blind people use a technique called sighted guide when being guided by someone who can see. It basically involves holding the persons elbo. With this technique, the blind person can feel when the sighted person moves left or right or when he or she goes up or down a step etc.

So. That’s it.
I will no longer be lazy.
I will reaffirm my confedance while using the cain.
I will beet people over the head who don’t get out of my way.