When they say that you need to make sure that all updates are applied on Windows SBS 2003 in the SBS migration guide available from Microsoft before running the migration preparation wizzard, their really not kidding! I had only required security updates coming down by design through WSUS but that really wasn’t enough. The domain user created also required domain administration, schema and enterprise administration privlidges. Once that was done though it ran smoothly. One thing I will say is a credit to Microsoft, their documentation is very comprehensive on this subject and the errors logged by the migration tool are actually very clear. Over all, this part of my upgrade has been ok. In saying that, I’ll have to document my problems changing from Windows SBS 2003 to Windows 2008 standard. That didn’t go well at all. So much so that I had to throw that idea out the window. I might try that in a year or so when the requirement is there for it.