Continuing to log issues that I have experienced with Jaws 11, here is the next response I have recieved from Freedom Scientific technical support. Note, these suggestions could have been provided by any user of Lotus notes as they have been required to Lotus Notes since version 6 of the client.

Origional message:


In Lotus notes 8 I have the following problems:

1. I cannot open attachments. Jaws reads the file name as it did in previous versions of Lotus notes (Example: 7.03) however when I press enter on it, the message closes and focus is left back in the inbox.

2. the auto complete functionality for the To, CC and BCC fields no longer reads correctly in this latest version of Lotus notes:

3. Control tab no longer works to move between pages. This is not a jaws issue but could be resolved with scripting.

The menus for new, reply, reply all, forward etc do not speak any more. for
example: when you press alt 2 for reply, Jaws should speak menu items such as reply, reply all etc.

The list view in the lotus notes client preferences dialogue no longer reads with Jaws. Again, this is a problem that was introduced with Lotus notes 8.

It would be appreciated by many users including my self if these issues were resolved before Jaws 12.

Thanks for your assistance.


Their response:

Dear Darragh

Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific technical Support. See the below information from our senior specialist.

There are some preferences in Notes 8.x that should be set for accessibility. You should verify/set the following:

Notes Preferences for Accessibility
• Enable preference “Use Accessibility Keyboard Navigation” – this is what allows you to use the Tab navigation from field to field. Some parts of the UI don’t use this preference, but if you have issues using the Tab key, make sure this is enabled.
File> Preferences> Basic Notes Client Configuration panel> Additional
options list
• Enable preference “Use Tab to navigate read-only documents” – may need this preference to tab around forms, definitely need this enabled to test the Home Page (navigating around frames). Description from online help: Tab moves to next unread document until the last unread document is selected.
Then it moves to the next navigable object in the next frame. When a document is open in read mode, Tab navigates to any embedded object such as URLs, application links, and attachments.
File> Preferences> Basic Notes Client Configuration panel> Additional
options list
• Related preference “Show Extended Accelerators” – disabling this preference turns off the use of Accelerators, but you can invoke the Launcher list by pressing Alt+B. Description from online help: Extended accelerators offer keyboard methods for operating the bookmarks bar and window tabs. If you have extended accelerators enabled, press and hold Alt to display additional accelerators for each bookmark and window tab. Once you see the extended accelerators displayed on your screen, press the letter or number that corresponds to the area of Notes you want to go to.
File> Preferences> Basic Notes Client Configuration panel> Additional
options list

Be sure to include all previous correspondence pertaining to this matter when replying to this message so that we might better assist you.

Mr. Tracey Jackson,
Technical Support Specialist
Freedom Scientific

Phone support: 727 803 8600, option #2
E-mail Support:
Visit our website at:

This is my response to Freedom scientific.

I can confirm that all of these options have been set. Note, I have been using Notes since version 6 of the client. IT has been necessary to enable all of these accessibility impacting options since that version. I did not however experience the problems in Lotus notes 6 and 7 that I am now experiencing with 8 with Jaws 11.

Thanks for your continued assistance.


Not one single response I have recieved from freedom scientific has improved my situation yet. Every response I have recieved has been nothing but a token jesture.