Continuing with my promis to chace Freedom scientific in relation to every bug that I find with Jaws version 11, here are a number of emails that were sent to and from reedom scientific today in relation to an issue when using the MMC. The MMC is an administrative console that can be used to interface with Windows administrative utilities. Scripts for Audible are mistakingly loaded for this application. This issue was reported origionally with Jaws 10 but has yet to be fixed. It should also be noted that although this seems to be a reasonably easy fix to implement, Freedom scientific expect customers to use an SMA or pay for an upgrade to Jaws 12 before they fix it. In my opinion this is unjust and unfair.

Origional message from me to Freedom scientific:


When the MMC is used, Jaws loads the audible scripts.

This is particularly evident when the data protector application is run.
This is an application based on the MMC.

Audible obviously requires a number of tweeks to Jaws for it to run correctly however these tweeks result in some strange activity when using Data protector. For example. If the down arrow is pressed in a tree view, the pc cursor goes to the next line but then imedietly goes back to the prior line.

This has been noticed in Jaws 10 and 11.

Please note, this has no baring on the tree view issue I reported a number of weeks ago and should therefore be treated as a completely different and independent bug report. It is simply that the audible scripts are mistakingly assigned to other applications.


Darragh Ó Héiligh

Response from Freedom scientific support:

Dear Darragh

Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific technical Support. This is a known issue by our testing/development team. It is being evaluated to be addressed in a future release of the JAWS® screen reading software. If I can be of any additional assistance to you, feel free to email me back.

Be sure to include all previous correspondence pertaining to this matter when replying to this message so that we might better assist you.

Mr. Tracey Jackson,
Technical Support Specialist
Freedom Scientific

Phone support: 727 803 8600, option #2
E-mail Support:
Visit our website at:

Here is my response:

Why can it not be fixed in this version?

I have explained the following point countless times. I have purchased Jaws 11. I do not expect bugs that I report to be fixed in the next version. If an oversight has been made on the part of Freedom Scientific on both Jaws 10 and 11, I expect that at the least that oversight should be fixed in some kind of supplementary update or fix. pushing the fix to Jaws version 12 or later is unacceptable.

I continue to call on Freedom scientific to fix all of the issues I have reported with Jaws 11 before Jaws 12 is released. Not doing so further illustrates the perception that of the one step forward and two steps back mentality that the jaws development structure seems to have adopted.

Again, this mail and all others have been documented for my records and the records of other Jaws users. It can no longer be tolerated that users who depend on this product continue to purchase updates simply for bugs that should have been fixed in service packs and hot fixes. his point is one that I have heard made by other users since 2001. It is high time that action is even to be taken on the part of Freedom Scientific.

I await your response.

Best regards

Darragh Ó Héiligh

I urge others to do as I have begun doing. Make an effert to report your problems to Freedom scientific and do not desist until your issues have been solved. We can no longer afford to wait for the next version before bugs are fixed. e pay a lot of money for this product. In most cases, we pay more than the Operating system it runs on. If a major bug was reported in Windows, you can be certain that Microsoft would be obligated to fix it. It would be unheard of for MIcrosoft to tell users that the bug would not be fixed until the next version of their operating system. As paying users of an application that Freedom scientific develop, we have the same right to a sound, reliable and stable product. When this is not the case, we have an obligation to report our issues.