I am sorry if I am annoying people on twitter in relation to the messages I am sending and recieving from Freedom scientific regarding the bug reports and issues I am emailing to freedom scientific.

I am attempting to keep users as up to date as possible as I fear that without significant pressure from the Jaws user base, we will see no improvement in the quality of this product.

To that end, I have set things up so that you can see all of the posts relating to this topic on one page.

If you use RSS to keep up to date with new content on the Internet, I have made things really easy for you. Simply point your RSS reader at the following address to recieve updates as soon as they are posted to the blog for this topic only.

Fáilte go dtí DigitalDarragh.com

Again, I call. no. I pleed with you. If you have problems with Jaws, please email Freedom scientific. It is absolutely imparitive that Freedom Scientific are pressured into fixing these problems. The action taken to resolve bugs has been minimal at best since Jaws 7 from what I can see. This needs to change.

If you have emailed Freedom scientific, forward a copy of the Email to me at d@digitaldarragh.com and I will add it to the blog so that others can see what is happening.