I’m continuing my promis to log every bug I encounter with freedom scientific.

I lgoged a problem yesterday. The description is below. I recieved a response today that is also shown below and the solution they propose is infuriating.


I leave both my PC’s in work powered on every day. I’ve two machines running Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 X64.

The version of Jaws in use is that released last week.

I have found that since Jaws version 11, Windows 7 X64 does not respond when the PC is left unattended and locked for a number of hours.

This problem is not found on Windows XP.

This problem is reproducible every time and has been replicated on a number of different machines running Windows 7 X64.

Steps to problem:

Lock the machine at 5PM with Jaws still running.

Unlock the machine at 9AM.

Jaws does not respond to any commands and no speech or Braille is produced.

No other applications seem to cause it as the issue has been reproduced by rebooting the PC and leaving it sitting on the desktop.

The Jaws dump files are attached to this message.

I have also attached the dump files for Skype. I have been able to reproduce a problem where if the history log is enabled on Skype chat messages and over a thousand messages are received in one window, Jaws becomes sluggish and continues to become more sluggish over time until it eventually stops responding. This is completely unrelated to the issue reported above. I am aware that you do not distribute the Skype scripts but the issue may still be of interest to you.

If you require any more information to assist you in reproducing and resolving these issues please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Darragh Ó Héiligh

What follows is the response recieved by Tracey Jackson, a representative of the Freedom scientific support department:

Dear Darragh

Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific technical Support. First of all, I want you to make sure you have disabled any sleep/hibernation/suspend mode the system may be entering in when locking it. Also, set all settings to turn off hard drives and other components to never under the power options to eliminate this as a possibility of an issue. Once this has been done, try locking the system for a long period of time and see if the issue persist.

If it does, I want you to email me back wit the serial number for the JAWS® screen reading software, the best times to reach you and the phone number you will be available on at the system. At this point, I will escalade the issue.

Be sure to include all previous correspondence pertaining to this matter when replying to this message so that we might better
assist you.

Mr. Tracey Jackson,
Technical Support Specialist
Freedom Scientific

Phone support: 727 803 8600, option #2
E-mail Support: support@freedomscientific.com
Visit our website at:

Finally: Here is the response that I sent back. Of course, I will continue to document the progress or lack there of.


Turning off Windows power saving features isn’t a solution to a
problem that has started with Jaws11.

My serial number is 12345. –>removed.

You may contact me between 2 and 5PM GMT+1 / 9 AM to 12PM Eastern.