What follows are messages between me and Freedom scientific regarding a number of problems that I have experienced with Lotus notes. Note: the problems I submitted are not an exaustive. they are just some of the most major issues that have hampered accessibility.


In Lotus notes 8 I have the following problems:

1. I cannot open attachments. Jaws reads the file name as it did in previous versions of Lotus notes (Example: 7.03) however when I press enter on it, the message closes and focus is left back in the inbox.

2. the auto complete functionality for the To, CC and BCC fields no longer reads correctly in this latest version of Lotus notes:

3. Control tab no longer works to move between pages. This is not a jaws issue but could be resolved with scripting.

The menus for new, reply, reply all, forward etc do not speak any more. for
example: when you press alt 2 for reply, Jaws should speak menu items such as reply, reply all etc.

The list view in the lotus notes client preferences dialogue no longer reads with Jaws. Again, this is a problem that was introduced with Lotus notes 8.

It would be appreciated by many users including my self if these issues were resolved before Jaws 12.

Thanks for your assistance.


Response from Freedom scientific:

Dear Darragh

Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific technical Support. I’m researching this inquiry with our senior specialist. As soon as I have some feed-back from this team, I will be emailing you back.

Be sure to include all previous correspondence pertaining to this matter when replying to this message so that we might better assist you.

Mr. Tracey Jackson,
Technical Support Specialist
Freedom Scientific

Phone support: 727 803 8600, option #2
E-mail Support: support@freedomscientific.com
Visit our website at:

It will be interesting to see what they come back with. As before, this is functionality that they should have released in Jaws 11. Lotus notes 8 is not a new version in terms of it’s exposure to the public compared to Jaws versioning. Terefore in my belief, Jaws should support this latest version. I will therefore insist that these issues are resolved before the Jaws 12 release.