It’s no secret that I really love Irish traditional music. From Cara Dillon, Julie Fowlis, Kate Rusby, Michael Mcgoldrick, Tommy Cunnif, Zoe Conway, Mick Ó Brian, Sharon Shannon and John McKusker to Guidewires, Lúnasa, flook, Grada, Stocktons Wing, Slide, Tripswitch and Téada just to name a few, I love it all. I have over a Terabyte of Irish traditional music and I want to share some of this with you.

There are no decent Irish traditional music radio shows at the moment. This aims to fill that void.

The show will air on Saturdays at 7PM GMT, 2PM Eastern and 11AM Pacific time.

At the moment, there are a lot of ideas for making this show something you will want to listen to. Just some of the aims at the moment are:

  • Interviews and live performances by known and not so known Irish traditional musicians.
  • If permitted by musicians, short recordings of live gigs.
  • Interviews with lovers of Irish traditional music.
  • Reviews of specific new albums,/li>
  • Requests! Tell me what you want to hear. If I don’t have it, I’ll certainly get it.

The content and format of the show is currently not set. It’s going to change and evolve over the next few weeks as people decide what they want. Get your say in by commenting on this post.

This online broadcast is licensed by The Irish Music Rights Organization (IMRO.) Every step possible has been taken to ensure that copyrighted material is respected and artists are recognised appropriately.

The stream will be available at the following address. If this doesn’t open in Internet Explorer or Firefox, paste the address into your media player of choice.