We need to start from scratch.

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These are my views and are strictly not those of my employer. I write this as an indevidual with specific personal political views and opinions. This post should thus be read as such.

Expanding on what others have said, It is true. Ireland does need an election. but first we all as a society and a nation need to analyse and fix The way the power is distributed as the way that legislative changes are discussed and made in Ireland is flawed at every level.

Look at the Oireachtas chambers and committees. Every motion goes through the same process resulting in the same messing every time. What is the point in having a chamber system based on a debate system when the debate is pointless. What is the point in having a demecratic system if party wips mean that party members must fall into line. couple that with the obvious majority being controled by the same wips and it’s not a democrisy we have, it’s a mess!

People keep complaining about ministers. When in actual fact Ministers are but puppets who’s strings are pulled by the departments they have been asigned to. Look at Noel Dempsy after his holiday last week. He was completely right to take a holiday and I understand his complacent attitude upon his return when hounded by the media. He’s only a man! He is suppose to be managing his department but all he really needs to know is what is going on. He hasn’t got experience in this area, he depends on the people working in his department to have that experience.

And, then look at the departments. Their staff are employed to do a job they’ve never been interested in really. for the majority of people there, they are taken in, trained to the minimum standard required to do their job then left at it. There are people right from CO’s right up to AP’s who have interests, abilities and skills in different areas but these are not utilized. There is one office that I am aware of where a CO has more computer experience than the one single person in her area who has been promoted to a position where he manages the entire IT infrastructure. I caught a small portion of a program last night that spoke about taking ownership of your career by improving the environment and processes you work with. I work for a private company. I attempt to do just this. However, people employed by the government work to very specific guidelines. Even when they have the ability and willingness to do more, the flexability in the government isn’t there to allow them to do it.

So, stop asking for a reelection and start demanding and implementing for your selves the reform that Ireland needs as a democratic nation to get back on it’s Feet. FG, FF, the greens, labour, none of them are going to be able to make a change in power. None of them because the current attempt at a democratic system doesn’t allow for it.

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    Very good post i wholeheartidly agree with you


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