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  • New Job. New Freedom. New Challenge. New Rewards.

    Hey blogger’s, blog reader’s, lurker’s, search engines and spammers. How are you all keeping?

    I’m in an absolutely fantastic mood. That’s because I’m in an absolutely fantastic place. Not geographically. I mean psychologically and in life. I parted ways with my previous employer DCSDocs on the 15th of April so just a day over a month ago and since then life has taken a huge turn for the better.

    I’m absolutely loving what I’m doing, even though I did not get the advanced diploma of myotherapy like I wanted. Getting back into system administration has been like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes after wearing a pair of stilettos that are two sizes too small with a rusty male sticking at an angle into one of your toes. Not that I have experience of wearing stilettos but I’d imagine that as they aren’t the most comfortable footwear for a woman they would be twice as bad for a man. My mother in law has been at me for ten years now about cross dressing but I absolutely refuse. That’s a story for another day.

    I’m now working for St. Patricks College Drumcondra in Dublin as the senior system administrator. This is an enormously interesting time to work for St. Patrick’s college as we are nearing the end of a project called incorporation which is a fancy word to describe the merge of St. Patrick’s, Mater dei and DCU. I will be working on the IT infrastructure aspect of this project for the next few months before moving to DCU to continue as a senior system administrator there.

    Let me say again that I’m loving this job. I’m there just under a month now but I really enjoy the community spirit among the staff and students in the college. There’s a lot to do in terms of the infrastructure but the previous system administrator had the same high standards as I have so overall I’m very happy with the set up.

    I’m also really enjoying the people I’m working with in the IT department. It’s the same kind of friendly working environment that made my time in Fujitsu so enjoyable.

    Let’s take a break from all the fully stuff.

    I’ll post up a few technical posts in the next few weeks. I have some interesting scripts on the go at the moment so I’ll add them to the blog so people can use them when needed.

  • Creating a table of countries.

    This is actually really easy but now that i’ve done it, I thought you might want a copy. So. Here goes. Just create your countries table, create a row for id and name, modify the below script to match your details and away you go.
    This script to generate a countries table is written for SQL 2008.

    USE [YourDatabaseName]

    INSERT INTO [dbo].[countriesTable]

    (‘American Samoa’),
    (‘Antigua and Barbuda’),
    (‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’),
    (‘Bouvet Island’),
    (‘British Indian Ocean Territory’),
    (‘Brunei Darussalam’),
    (‘Burkina Faso’),
    (‘Cape Verde’),
    (‘Cayman Islands’),
    (‘Central African Republic’),
    (‘Christmas Island’),
    (‘Cocos KeelingIslands’),
    (‘Cook Islands’),
    (‘Costa Rica’),
    (‘Czech Republic’),
    (‘Dominican Republic’),
    (‘Easter Island’),
    (‘El Salvador’),
    (‘Equatorial Guinea’),
    (‘Falkland Islands Malvinas,’),
    (‘Faroe Islands’),
    (‘French Guiana’),
    (‘French Polynesia’),
    (‘French Southern Territories’),
    (‘Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands’),
    (‘Hong Kong’),
    (‘Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’),
    (‘Marshall Islands’),
    (‘Netherlands Antilles’),
    (‘New Caledonia’),
    (‘New Zealand’),
    (‘Norfolk Island’),
    (‘Northern Mariana Islands’),
    (‘Palestinian Territory’),
    (‘Papua New Guinea’),
    (‘Puerto Rico’),
    (‘Saint Helena’),
    (‘Saint Kitts and Nevis’),
    (‘Saint Lucia’),
    (‘Saint Pierre and Miquelon’),
    (‘Saint Vincent and The Grenadines’),
    (‘San Marino’),
    (‘Sao Tome and Principe’),
    (‘Saudi Arabia’),
    (‘Serbia and Montenegro’),
    (‘Sierra Leone’),
    (‘Solomon Islands’),
    (‘South Africa’),
    (‘South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands’),
    (‘Sri Lanka’),
    (‘Svalbard and Jan Mayen’),
    (‘Trinidad and Tobago’),
    (‘Turks and Caicos Islands’),
    (‘United Arab Emirates’),
    (‘United Kingdom’),
    (‘United States’),
    (‘United States Minor Outlying Islands’),
    (‘Vatican City’),
    (‘Virgin Islands’),
    (‘Wallis and Futuna’),
    (‘Western Sahara’),

    One quick note: when creating your table, I suggest that you make the ID column an integer and under identity you set it to increment. That way, you won’t need to worry about generating ID’s while adding the countries. Why bother!