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  • Busy busy busy.

    I need to say sorry to those who have been trying to contact me lately or to those of you who are waiting for me to do something…

    Time has been escaping me lately.

    Firstly, I started on the Vics website for the Visually Impaired Computer Society of Ireland. That was quite a difficult project and infact I have still a few things left to do on it.

    Then, I moved on to the Listen and Learn recordings website. That didn’t take me as long and it’s better now than it ever was so I’m happy to continue building it again.

    Then I moved onto this website. That took some more time. I moved all my sites over to an entirely new server that I had to configure my self from the foundation up. That was a lot of fun but it’s still a work in progress as inbound and outbound mail isn’t working properly.

    The DigitalDarragh website is behaving quite well though all things considering.

    After that I had to port the StuartLawler website over to the new server followed by Emma’s site.

    It’s all been go go go!

    Now, in work I’ve been focused on a particularly long and difficult project so for the next while that’s going to take up all my time.

    At home, I’ve been doing loads of stuff. Finally after a year and a half I’ve unpacked my CD’s and aside from the last two hundred I have them all sorted. I have hundreds and hundreds of CD’s. From computer related to music I have a huge collection.

    So, if your waiting on me to do something, keep hounding me. Otherwise, it will be pushed to the back of the queue.


  • Cars.

    With a car, when one thing goes wrong, you can be reasonably certain that you’ll find another two problems with it.

    That was what happened to us on Saturday.

    I was abruptly woken while still in a state of being really hung over as a result of the previous nights shananigans by a call from my mother. She asked us to drop her to a wedding in an hour.

    Of course, although my body was screaming insults at me… or maybe that was Emma screaming the insults, I’m not too sure still, I had to say yes. You just cant say no to your mother. It never works. The words just won’t come out.

    Anyway, on the way to my parents house we noticed a strange noise from the back of the car. It was like we’d forgot to put the dog in the boot and he was franticly chacing after us. OH that’s a horrible thing to say isn’t it?

    Well, we started to drive on the M1 to Dundalk but the car was very sluggish. It was really difficult to get it above 70KPH.

    It felt like the car was very jumpy. From having that kind of problem before we deduced that it was a missfire so we asked a friend to look at it.

    Sure enough, the spark plugs were in need of a change however there was oil all over them. With some more digging, we found that the main intake for fuel to the engine was fractured and it was leaking a lot of petrol thus causing the sparkplugs to misfire. This particular tube comes attached to other parts so the part that needs to be replaced is quite substantial.

    Thanks to the work of our friend we got back on the road again. However, only temporarily. To add salt to the woond, he also noticed that there was a small leak in the center box for the exhaust causing water to leak out.

    It’s not all doom and gloom though.

    The car came with a full warranty!

    On Tuesday morning we left it back to the reseller and we hope to hear back from him later today or tomorrow.

    Believe me, if everything is not fixed to a very high standard, there will be trouble ahead.

    But I’m hopeful.