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  • Babies, houses and star wars. Beat that for a title!

    Are you going to Star wars? I’m hoping to get to it in the next few days. I must look later to see if there are any cinemas that are providing audio description. There are a few around Dublin city that are good at it.

    This site is now twelve years old. Imagine that? During the life of the site I’ve said this next part too often but here goes again. I’m very sorry for neglecting this lately. But It’s Christmas, the end of yet another year so let me make up for that slightly with a bit of a post.

    When I say a lot has happened since my last post I’m really under stating it.

    Emma had a baby. I now have a son! He was eight pound ten ounces at birth. Now he’s a monster at about fourteen pounds or more. He’s now just over two months and he’s growing at an incredible rate every day.

    I should have written about the birth but I’ve been far too busy enjoying time with Méabh my two year old daughter and Rían my two month old son to spent time putting into words the incredible memories and thought’s I have.

    I was so fortunate to be there and involved with the birth of my son. I was even more involved compared to Méabh’s birth. It was such an incredible experience. Although I really didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl I felt a tiny tinge of delight when I heard I had a son. As always, the mid wives and nurses couldn’t have been more professional, efficient and helpful. I am very thankful for the care and time they gave Emma. Nothing was a problem. Nothing was an inconvenience.

    Méabh absolutely loves her little brother and from the first day we got back from the hospital she has been really helpful to us and loving to her brother. Jealousy is something we were told to watch out for but just over two months on all Méabh has done is watch after her little brother. We hope it will continue like this but all indications are that it will.

    Off the baby topic, we’re doing a huge amount of work to the house. The number of jobs the builder has taken on are actually too long to list but some of the highlights are:

    • New driveway. Finally we’ll get rid of that stupid slip of contract that fit the car and no more.
    • New stair case. People tell us we’re mad doing this but I didn’t like the design of the old stair case and no one could actually upgrade the existing stairs fully without leaving bits behind that would stick out so this is going to be a better job.
    • Moving light switches and burying wires in the hall. Again, we were going to get this done in 2008 but there’s a lot of work involved which will cost a lot to do right.
    • Renovating the garage. My office is moving from upstairs into the garage so as we can give Rían his own room.
    • Insulating the shed and basically making it into a part of the house for storage. This wasn’t part of the original idea but it makes sense to do it now.
    • Reinsulating the front wall of the living room. This was done when we bought the house back in 2008 but we’ve still had problems with the heat in that room so this will help.
    • More insulation. We’re also insulating a lot of the ground floors and the roof in the extension.

    It’s incredible to go in every night to find that the house has been ripped apart and put together again.

  • Working on the house again.

    Picture of a very cool wooden ladder stretching up to the large opening for the attick.

    Although I’ve written very little about the house since all the work we did on it between January and April 2008, things are still progressing.

    From new light shades, a new TV and blue ray player to all new and very cool window blinds and a huge amount of new pots, plates, bols and kitchen machines, we’ve spent a fortune in the past year.

    The latest thing though is quite spectacular. Emma thought out loud three weeks ago that we were over half way into 2009 and we’d not really done anything huge to the house. So, I asked what would be the most important change she’d like to make. Less than three weeks on, it was finished.

    A picture showing the attick with light streaming in from the right.

    What did she ask for? More space. Since we looked at the house Emma had wanted to utilize the attick space and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

    The attick now is accessible thanks to a pull down wooden ladder. It’s floored all the way across with extra shelvs at waste level. There’s also a window in the roof so it’s now a really clean, bright, open space.

    It’s amazing how much we can fit in there! Everything from the garage that hadn’t been unpacked yet is now up there and organised so we can actually make use of it. Everything that was also hidden under the spare bed and in drawers is up there too. Even cables that were thrown into a corner of my room that I need to get at quite regularly are organised up there and are more importantly more accessible and easy to put my hands on than ever before.

    Showing the window from the other angle but there's an idea of how much stuff is up here as well.

    I really think it’s cool. I couldn’t be happier with it. Emma’s absolutely delighted. She’s a huge amount of junk …… sorry. really productive and useful stuff in her sowing room down stairs that has now been dumped…….. sorry…… very carefully placed and organised in this new bin…… sorry……. storage space.