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  • Catching up.

    I haven’t given you a general update in quite a while. Sorry about that.

    So, what’s happening? Good question. I’m not sure where to start. Fortunately, I’m still working. Recent stats released recently have put unemployment in Ireland at 14%. That’s the highest levels in twenty years I think they’ve said. So, the fact that I’m part of the lucky ones is definitely something to be happy about. In fact, I am very happy because I’m very fortunate to be doing reasonably well when the rest of the country seems to be suffering. Work is still actually really enjoyable. Sure, I go in some mornings and the last place I want to be is sitting in the office but I’m glad to say that after four years the job is still challenging and the environment I work in is quite decent as well.

    Outside of work things are going just as nicely. I’m playing a lot of music at the moment. I’m teaching people on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I’m practising with a band on Thursday and I’m usually playing at a gig and a session a few times during the weekend. I’m fortunate to be playing a lot of music with two good friends of mine. One plays the guitar and the other the accordion. Both of them sing as well so they add a great variety to the music.

    When I’m not at work or playing music, I’m working on technology projects or working for local companies. I’ll tell you a lot more about this shortly. Again, it’s interesting, demanding and challenging so I’m loving every moment of it.

    Of course, a few things aren’t going so well but that’s only to be expected and accepted. If you don’t have the bad you can’t appreciate the good as they say.

    I have a few meetings this afternoon. They are going to make a few plans start moving in the right direction. Hopefully in about a month I’ll be able to tell you more. In fact, hopefully a month from now I will be able to fill you in on a lot of things that are about to change.

    How are you?