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  • The night before Christmas 2017

    This is the fourt year that we have done this. The equipment is a little better this year. It’s recorded on a Zoom H6! 🙂

    It’s almost like a picture…. Except it’s for me. I recently listened back over last years recording and I was really glad to hear Méabh as she was then, and Rían before he started to get so active and so full of talk. I know that next year, I’ll listen to this recording and think similar thought’s.

    I sincerely hope that where ever you are and what ever you are doing that this Christmas is special, rewarding, relaxing, satisfying and full of joy. I alos hope that you are celebrating it with your family and friends.

  • Happy Christmas

    It’s that time of year again so I wanted to write to say happy Christmas to you all.

    2012 has been one hell of a year. It’s been life changing in fact.

    I got engaged, I got Nama, my incredible new guide dog, I travelled a lot and I played music with some incredible musicians and friends.

    I will be getting married to the wonderful Emma in exactly 7 days now. Is there a better way to bring in a new year? I certainly don’t think so.

    Thanks to you all for reading, your comments, your suggestions and your continued support of this site.

    2013 is going to be a big year for DigitalDarragh.com as it will be in its tenth year. Ideas for celebrating it are welcome. Come on. Let’s get everyone in one place for a night. At minimum it’s a good excuse for a party.