Vegan week – Day 2

I was working from home today so I wasn’t up and out so early.

The coffee with the Coconut milk is ok but it’s not great.  It makes the coffee taste very strong.  I usually like a good strong coffee but this was different.  It’s tolerable but not great.

This afternoon I tried Almond milk instead.  This makes the coffee as smooth as with normal milk.  I’d definitely recommend it.

Of course I started with my normal bowl of Weetabix.  I made My daughter Méabh’s first using normal milk but she has her eye on the coconut milk.  I’ll probably work from home again for a day or two this week so I must let her try it.  Again, it’s fine.  No major difference. I find that the Weetabix goes a bit dry faster than with normal milk but that’s a minor annoyance.

This afternoons dinner was late.  Sometimes schedules just can’t be met. I had a lot of work on that wasn’t being very accommodating to my need to have sustenance around 1PM so I waited until about 4.

Today’s dinner was a Vegan shepherds pi. The recipe is below.  Please believe me that it was one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted.  It was just fantastic.  That’s definitely one we’ll do again.

Dinner can be found here.

I’ll hold my hands up and say that because we are using fresh produce for everything I’m absolutely useless when it comes to cooking this stuff so as one of Emma’s aunts pointed out, Emma has taken an on a lot of the challenge of this week.  This isn’t lost on me and I really appreciate it. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with a lot of these new dishes.

We weren’t in the mood for anything substantial later today so Emma made these small biscuit things.  Again, they were really good and apart from the bit of jam on the top, they were very healthy.  Unfortunately, Emma didn’t particularly like them but I thought they were fine.  Again, the recipe is below.

The snack can be found here.

Thanks for following along and thanks for the comments.

Vegan Shepards pi just made. File 16-02-2016, 23 04 29 File 16-02-2016, 23 04 49

2 Responses to Vegan week – Day 2

  1. Trust digital to spell pie like a techie. You must be spending too much time on the raspberry pi. 😆

  2. Wow, nice man.
    Coconut milk is strong with coffee though I have been having flavoured coffee with coconut and yes it is strong.
    Never had almond milk before sounds good.
    You know I appreciate your insites into these challenges, its really opening me up to new things.
    It must be an interesting time.
    I have a few friends glutin free one fructos free to.
    One of my glutin free friends is also diabetic.
    You have any idea how hard it is to get lunch with one of those people?
    Japanese is fine, vegetables are the best and some fish and yes maybe meat.
    But certain fruit andvege are just a large no no, as well as certain spices, and sauces.
    This also extends to bread and flour in general and cakes.
    Prices for special food go up and all that stuff.
    Anyway you can’t just take these people to a caffee or a restoraunt because it may or may not be glutin free and if it is chances are you need to pay more for the privilage.
    And even if they say it is interpritation and inforcement of said thing while usually good is not always there resulting in said person getting a vary sick stomach for a few days.
    Yes when this happens there is a way to stop this but its not recommended.
    However if this does not happen person is stuck on the toilet for a few days all day long or at least it feels like it to me and they feel insecure.
    Saying that though 99.9 % of the time its actually ok.
    Keep it up bro.