I’ve not written in ages!  I don’t really know why.  I’ve just not really bothered.  A few things have happened recently though that deserved a bit of a mention so…. here goes.

The first, not so nice am I hurt my knee.  Did I tell you all I’m back at Judo?  Yes. I am and it’s great but it’s taking a long time to get back into it properly.  The last time i was there was about three weeks ago.  I badly hurt my knee so have had to stop it for a while.  It’s kind of a funny story though.  At the end of the night, I was paired with this young girl who was training with us.  She can’t have been any more than 47KG’s.  So, like the gentleman I am, hahaha, I promised to take it easy on her.  That was a huge mistake.  She was vicious!  To make a long story short, I went in for a throw but she reversed it.  What ever way I turned when she countered the throw, caused me to twist my knee and sprain a ligament. To make things worse then, two weeks later, I went back to Judo again but after 15 minutes, I was back to square one again, unable to move and in a lot of pain.
Last Thursday, I saw a Fizeo therapist to try to get it sorted.  For €50 Euro per session I expected miracles!  No. Instead, I got more pain.  She squeezed and moved and prodded muscles and tendants around replacing and straining things at the back of my knee until at the end I really couldn’t handle any more.  The result is that I’m actually now in more pain than I was when I started that session. So, I’ve another appointment this Friday except with another woman.  Hopefully she’ll be a bit better.  
It’s actually very painful.  It makes walking or going up and down stairs very difficult.

More news?  Oh yeah, I had an interview last Tuesday in digiweb.  Their Internet Service Provider in Ireland providing wireless and wired broadband.  Their young company but they have done very well in the last few years with even more growth forecasted in the future.  Unfortunately though, the role they met me about was not at all technical enough so although I asked them to keep me in mind for other roles within the company, I doubt I’ll hear from them again.  I’m not bothered though as the company is very far away from busses or trains which would make commuting very difficult.

Today, I have another interview in a company called Phorest.  It looks like they do a bit of everything.  I’m looking forward to talking with them.  Sounds like they will have some interesting prospects in the future.  I just hope that they aren’t hoping to get me for some basic role again.

Oh, we’re looking for a house.  The favorite at the moment is a 4 bedroom house in a place called Marian park in Drogheda.  Prices are fortunately coming down so let’s hope we make the right decision.

Nothing else really at the moment.  I’ll try to keep this updated though.  A few funny things happened today but I’ll keep you wondering for a while before I write them down.